Río Mosela 222
Colonia del Valle
San Pedro Garza García
Nuevo León
México 66220


+52 (81) 8356 1001

Estudio Monumento SA de CV


Mercurio is a high end restaurant located in the heart of San Pedro Garza García’s business district. Mercurio unifies art, science and craftsmanship by creating a sophisticated-but-casual atmosphere that never asks you to dress up, but you’ll still do it anyways. All of this blends with avant-garde cooking processes and techniques, serving everything in a immaculate way over a vintage dinnerware.

The word Mercurio by itself allows different visual expressions throughout its distinct meanings and interpretations. We took advantage of it’s flexibility in order to create a group of visual elements that may complement or replace each other, generating a more dynamic system that is able to sync with different seasons and day to day phenomena that occur in a fine established restaurant.


We think that good restaurants have the potential to become institutions whose name becomes intrinsically attached to its location. Taking that into account, we selected a typography combination that is able to communicate its art/science bipolarity and overall personality in a timeless way without falling into any design or culinary trends.


The advertisement campaign takes on Baldessari’s well known practice of juxtaposing image and text, removing them from their original context, and leaving you with a familiar warmth on the inside.

It’s a storytelling of present culture, where the spectator is left to complete the story by association and self identification, that looks to put some re-significance on the experience of Mercurio.

In order to tell this story while embracing the artistic side of Mercurio, we collaborated with photographers from across the globe whose work we admire for the images of this campaign.


Photographers: Coke Bartrina (Es), Mariana García (Mx), Michelle Lartigue (Mx), Pascal Moscheni (Nz),  Lluis Tudela (Es), Fernanda Villareal (Mx) &  Alba Yruela (Es).