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P Magazine

P Magazine is a hardcover limited edition artbook published annually as a collector’s edition. With exclusive photography and content created by the finest contributors across the globe, P Magazine manifests different expressions of beauty, sensuality and human nature.

‘Eternal’ is the fifth edition of P Magazine, and it is the first one conceived under the design direction of Monumento in collaboration with P Magazine’s Creative Director Mariana García.

‘Eternal’ evokes the intention of P becoming a vessel that conceives and articulates emotions and feelings that are timeless and memorable with a hint of romance.

Inspired by the personality and typical expressions of publications from the 50’s and 60’s the homage extends physically through the blue velvet sleeve; elegant, romantic and nostalgic whilst the blue color celebrates the new era of collaboration between P Magazine and Monumento.

Overall the whole visual concept stays true to its original aesthetic, with neo-grotesque typefaces balanced with garaldes and accentuated with contemporary layouts for this modern classic.


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