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TIEMPOS,  A branding system developed for creative director Esteban Tamayo.

‘All we own is now’ is reinterpreted as a timeless and adaptive concept, which explores flexibility across multiple surfaces, platforms and materials, subject to last the test of time.
The system provides the canvas and optimal pieces needed for free creation, allowing Esteban to use the elements at his own will without sacrificing the brand’s essence and personality.

FAMA a project created by Monumento in partnership with art connoisseurs Catalina Escamilla, Rodrigo Odriozola and architecture studio Nuñez-Zapata. FAMA is a yearly independent art fair in the north of Mexico, a space for exhibition and exchange of dialogue and ideas.

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Franc immerses himself in the new real estate business world, where deals happen between lunch and golf, great opportunities arise from unexpected places and real estate projects actually bring terms like wellbeing, community, empathy and sustainability into consideration.

Monumento was commissioned to develop this project in its entirety, starting with the company’s name and brand essence. For this task, we designed the concept of “A (real) real estate company”, an idea founded on the motivation to embrace the main assets of the company: knowledge, expertise and honesty, now represented as Franc  a humanized version of experience and sophistication.

Illustrations: Satoshi Hashimoto